Nov 9, 2011

Random thoughts on design methods

 I've been thinking just now about how my style of programming has changed since going to college. My current work doesn't really lend itself to being called software engineering, but I do a fair amount of programming in it - usually in fairly small pieces. But even my programming outside of work has changed a bit.

I don't really create programs anymore. Programs are restricted in what they can do. I thought for a while that I was instead creating libraries for programming. After a while though, I realized that wasn't the case either. To a certain degree, I try to think about my packages as domain specific languages. I think about creating a way to write out common concepts I need to express and build the underlying functionality in a way that will be flexible. Only after doing this a ton do I begin actually writing the thing I want.

Maybe this is just something I never really got about programming before.

But I'm not sure what it is I am really understanding except the concept of a programming language is still underrated. 

MakeTurtle[] := Turtle[{0.,0.},0.,{}]; MakeTurtle[loc_,angle_,lines_]:=Turtle[loc,angle,lines];

Location[trtl_]:=trtl[[1]]; Angle[trtl_]:=trtl[[2]]; Lines[trtl_]:=trtl[[3]];

Move[trtl_,distance_]:=With[{newLoc = Location@trtl+distance*Cos[Angle@trtl],Sin[Angle@trtl]})},

TurnRight[trtl_,angle_]:= MakeTurtle[Location@trtl,Angle@trtl+angle,Lines@trtl];

TurnLeft[trtl_,angle_]:= MakeTurtle[Location@trtl,Angle@trtl-angle,Lines@trtl];TurnLeft[angle_]:=Function[trtl,TurnLeft[trtl,angle]];