Mar 17, 2010

A taste of what my papers on physics are like.

Kuhn's simplified model of science overstates the extent of “Normal Science” and is part of an overstated dichotomy. Multiple contradictory models of interpretation often exist side by side, providing a fertile valley in between where normal science, as he defines it, is useless. A scientist cannot just blindly use the contradicting standard models here without careful consideration of their foundations. The rift between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics is such a fertile and dangerous area. Scientists here are not comparable to a janitor mopping up, as Kuhn fondly analogizes, but are instead more like kung-fu masters. According to Bruce Lee, a kung-fu master's style is formless. They can switch schools of thought with such fluidity that their style escapes categorization. So too, these scientists are aware of the paradigms in which they work and must be fluid with their use of both.