Mar 8, 2010

Soft Science Paranoia

It exists, I swear it does. Mention anything to a person in a soft science that doesn´t explicitly mention the value of their field of study and theres a good chance theyll freak out at you. Even if youre trying to be helpful (hey a computational approach might offer insight into this), be wary of the Liberal Arts student who may feel their domain of control threatened. People who believe in the inferiority of ¨easier majors¨dont even speak their mind to cause a defensive reaction.

Meanwhile, the soft science people prejudge anyone from the more the rigorous fields - God knows Ill get angry people who are upset I think physics is more rigorous than Comparative Literature. Apparently knowing calculus makes me incapable of enjoying poetry, or some stupid crap like that. Theres some sort of strange anti-intellectual thing going on when someone can proudly declare they dont know basic college level math and are proud of it. If I were to say the same about literature Id never hear the end of it.

To the people of Soft Sciences: We have never claimed that your field of study was inferior, so please stop being paranoid and treating us like shit because we are smarter than you.