Mar 17, 2012

The Creative Class

I keep on seeing articles and blogs about the importance of being a content creator. This is actually one of Johnathan Zittrain's big principals for the internet -  we need tech which allow us to create content and not tech which only allows us to consume it.

But more recently, curation as an alternative to content creation has become popular. Pinterest and Tumblr are both examples of this category. Hell so are search engines. Content curation is possible with many more kinds of devices than creation. It can be done using mobile devices and takes advantage passive interaction (Read Wu-Wei)  such as page views.

The shift to curation is in part a response to a saturation of information on the internet. Search engines are data curation. I am hardly qualified to create new content that is worth much except in a few small areas. This blog for example is fairly worthless.

A bit more on the dark side, maybe we should flip how we think about curation from collecting good content to destroying bad content. We should be talking about content destruction. People are reluctant to see that more content is often destructive. Curation is only useful because it filters out worthless data.

Worthless data we keep on ourselves can also come back to hurt us later through data mining.