Feb 6, 2011

Quantum Zombies

The idea the physics induces different kinds of computing must at this point be taken seriously. If were now looking at quantum entanglement in eyes of birds, then the idea that quantum mechanics might have a significant role in the physics of consciousness is not really that crazy of an idea.

As I believe I've pointed out earlier, besides being completely ridiculous by themselves, Kripke's arguments for qualia seems completely useless in the case of quantum consciousness. I wrote a big paper on this subject called "Quantum Zombies". I won't link to it here, since the paper itself is terrible.

Philosophers love to use the analogy of zombies to discuss consciousness. What you won't see in their discussion is any mention that intelligence might have some kind of quantum nature. Like the theory of computation did before, philosophers have assumed a kind of Newton model of physics when discussing these zombies. If their arguments are revisited knowing that the mechanics of thought might involve quantum mechanics, then their arguments about zombies stop making any kind of sense.

For example, Kripke suggests that it would be allowable that there could exist a perfect copy of a person. This copy would be a zombie copy. In a quantum model of thought, this idea of a copy would be ridiculous.