Nov 26, 2010

Christmas shopping.

There's almost too much that could be written about this. I have a feeling that each person's individual personality is reflected in how they go about finding presents for the friends and relatives.  Some people approach the task with glee and others with dread. Some people demand lists from people of acceptable items, and others give them random garbage they probably already have.

To some degree every person ends up giving a gift that somehow reflects what they think of the receiver. My family doesn't seem keen on giving me books and always tries to find an alternative present. I can't really blame them. Looking at my more recent purchases,  I can't seem to give someone a Christmas present that I wouldn't want myself. It's a terrible curse. Sometimes I often think I would enjoy the gift far more than they will. A bit of greed seeps into my thoughts. The possessive part of me thinks I should buy all the gifts I give in double and keep half for myself. Why don't I have these things for myself? I could never really justify their purchase for my own sake, so I hope others will for me.

Last year there was a special on NPR about how the holiday gift giving frenzy is bad for the economy. The idea seemed reasonable. Focusing so much consumer spending in a short time can't be stable. It makes me sad to see my friends suffer working on Black Friday and even worse, when they have to work on Thanksgiving. Additionally, I'm sure its a huge pain to stock the stores like they must for the shopping season. Please just spread your holiday shopping evenly throughout the year, at least for logistic's sake.

Oh I shouldn't forget: