Dec 4, 2008

Its that time of year again

Yes that time of year, the end of the semester. Right now im procrastinating studying for a complex analysis test. As always i use this time to review how this semester went.

If i really force myself to look at my school work, its pretty clear that this semester was educational, even if i don't want to admit it. Unfortunately, Ive also learned that im not nearly as interested in some of the subject areas i once thought i was. Completing my major will involve work that im not interested in after all and my boredom with classwork seems to border ever closer into danger. I couldn't have lasted 4 years of imsa, I can't imagine lasting 4 here.

What impresses me most is my more personal life. Even though I didn't meet any of my unrealisitic goals, it seems strange to say that just 4-5 months ago i didn't know anyone like me. I remember thinking a year ago about where id be in this process now. Whoever I was a year ago is so distant from me now, at least rationally.